Degree Apprenticeships in Construction

These jobs are associated with the management of building construction projects and are based on sites or in offices. There are two possible pathways on this degree apprenticeship: Assistant Construction Site Manager and Assistant Construction Planner.

Construction degree apprenticeships

The main duties and tasks involved in both are:

  • To ensure that safe systems of work are in place on their site and that all staff and operatives on site     adhere to those systems and safe standards of behaviour
  • To manage productivity on site so that the project is completed on time
  • To manage the activity on site in a way that adheres to contract and cost constraints
  • To ensure that the site has minimal impact on the environment and local community
  • To manage interfaces between the various stakeholders associated with the site

For the Assistant Construction Site Manager the additional duties are:

  • To ensure that the project is completed to the specification and quality demanded by the client

For the Assistant Construction Planner pathway the additional duties are:

  • To ensure that project has a plan for completion in the timescale set by the client

What skills you will learn on your Degree Apprenticeship in Construction

  1. Understand the environmental impact of construction activities and how to minimise negative impacts during all stages of the project.
  2. Review threats and opportunities for the construction industry and appraise and evaluate the influence of current legal, political and social issues on the industry.
  3. Understand the project management cycle including the planning, budgeting, project funding and payment processes so as to lead to effective project delivery.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of the construction process and of the materials and technology that comprise best practice.
  5. Understand obligations for Health, Safety and Welfare issues on site, how to identify potential hazards and manage the risks.

In addition, for the Assistant Construction Site Manager the following knowledge is required:

  1. Knowledge of the construction process to the examination and selection of procurement processes. Evaluate different leadership styles in relation to particular projects.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of common defects in buildings and understand quality required Site Management – Be able to effectively manage and supervise specialist contractors and operatives during the construction phase.
  3. Quality – Be able to identify and rectify common defects in construction activities.

In addition, for the Assistant Construction Planner the following knowledge is required:

  1. Understand different planning techniques including, but not limited to; Last Planner, Collaborative Planning, Goal Directed Planning and the use of Planning software.
  2. Understand and evaluate construction productivity across a range of activities to assist in planning project programmes before construction starts.
  3. Planning and programming – Be able to develop and produce effective construction programmes, analyse progress and advise construction teams on maintaining progress in line with plans.
  4. Work winning – Be able to develop and produce effective tender programmes for future projects.

What Qualifications will I have at the end of this Degree Apprenticeship in Construction?

When you finish you degree apprenticeship in Construction you will have a BSc (Hons)Construction Management or equivalent Level 6 Construction Diploma, mapped to the Chartered Institute Of Building’s Education Framework.

You will also have industry certificates in Site Safety Plus Site Managers’ Safety Training Scheme and Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme which are required for safe operations in the workplace

What types of jobs will this Degree Apprenticeship in Construction qualify me to do?

The Degree Apprenticeship in Construction can lead to the following roles in Construction: Construction Site Manager, Assistant Construction Site Manager, Site Manager, Sub Agent, Assistant Site Manager or Construction Planner.

Where can I find vacancies?
To search for opportunities, visit our list of Degree Apprenticeships Vacancies.

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