Why Offer A Scholarship?

There are many reasons why companies or organisations might want to set up and offer a scholarship.

Scholarships can be an extremely flexible business tool, which can be used to achieve a wide range of objectives and benefits to a company.

Organisations can use scholarships to:

Encourage diversity and inclusion – demonstrate how you recognise that business success will come from diverse organisations and that you want this to develop and continue, by supporting underrepresented students.

Develop a talent pipeline – create a scholarship to attract students with specific skills or knowledge, raise awareness of the opportunities your sector has to offer and build long-term relationships with your scholars in a highly cost-effective manner.

Attract and retain a loyal workforce – demonstrate your commitment to your staff by offering scholarships as an employee benefit for their own personal development or support for their children.

Support your Corporate Social Responsibility programme  – younger generations want their values reflected in those of their employer and many will use this as a deciding factor when job hunting. For companies looking to recruit from universities, a CSR strategy that targets students can be doubly effective.

Create Brand Awareness and differentiation – by offering financial support your brand demonstrates its commitment to students by addressing one of the most pressing concerns students face.

Money is a major cause of worry for 80% of students. Students are facing bigger debts than ever before and a highly competitive graduate job marketplace when they finish their studies. With maintenance loans rarely covering the costs of accommodation alone, many students are having to take on part time employment during their studies to support themselves financially. So the appeal of some corporate support both financially and with mentoring and work experience holds a great attraction to the students.

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