Extra Funding for University

Earn free cashback to fight the cost of Uni

Studying in the current climate is expensive. With rising costs, the pressure for students to find part-time work or for their families to support them can be immense.

But, there is a way for students to create their own funds and for their family to support them without costing them a penny – introducing, Funds4Uni.

Funds4Uni is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a partnership between The Scholarship Hub and easyfundraising, where students can earn free cashback towards the cost of university life whenever their parents, family members, or distant relatives shop online with well-known brands.

How Funds4Uni works

Sign up to Funds4Uni, and share your page with everyone you know – parents, family members, and even their family and friends. Then, once they have signed up to support you, whenever they shop with over 7,500 well-known brands like; Amazon, eBay, Just Eat, Etsy, John Lewis, Trainline, Argos, M&S, Boots, ASOS, Moonpig, and Tesco, the brand sends you cashback. Cashback you can use on whatever you want, like course fees, rent, bills, food, course materials, nights in, and nights out.

It’s free to sign up, free to use, and a great way for anyone you know to support you for free while you are busy working towards your future. 

Three steps to getting started

  1. Sign up to Funds4Uni
  2. Share your page with everyone you know. When they have reached their first £5 cashback milestone, you will get a £5 bonus! 
  3. Every time they shop online, you will receive free cashback – it’s as easy as that!

What do other students think?

It’s a good way to raise money for uni – I’d recommend it as there is nothing to lose and money to gain towards your uni costs. – Susanna Whitlock

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It’s a fantastic and easy way of giving you that extra bit of money you may need, and it all happens through the click of a button. I would definitely recommend it to other students – it puts a little extra money in your bank account which otherwise you would be without. In the first two terms my loan does not cover my accommodation costs so this means I will not have to rely on my parents for the money. – Mollie Milne

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