Student Loan Calculator

You can use this student loan caluclator to estimate how much of your student loan you will repay before it is written off

When will the loan be cleared?


How much will you repay?

The results are a rough estimate only, as a number of assumptions have been made...

Interest is accrued and applied monthly (in reality it will accrue daily, but we have simplified it so that the tool can work properly - this makes a difference of up to 'plus or minus 2%'.

You don't take any time off during the 30 years after graduation, and your salary rise is consistent. If you retire before the 30 years are up, there's a significant chance you'll repay far less. Repayments start in the April following graduation.

The repayment threshold is £26,575 in 2020/21 after which it will rise by average earnings growth (we assume this to be RPI+1% per annum).