The 6 secret sauce steps to scholarship success

1. Identify Your Unique Selling Points One of the key secrets to scholarship success is knowing and presenting your unique selling points - the thing that makes you special or unique.. Are you an accomplished violinist, an ardent community service…
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Data Science and AI Scholarships

Are you ready for a career change? The world of Data Science and AI awaits. The number of companies using big data to make quicker and better decisions is increasing and data scientists are in high demand. Yet there is…
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Student Bursaries

What are student bursaries? Student bursaries provide free money which does not have to be paid back. A bursary is given to students who might otherwise struggle to complete their university education. This does not always mean that bursaries are…
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Scholarships for EU students in the UK

Before Brexit, EU students paid the same tuition fees as UK students, but students newly arrived from the EU starting university this year will be paying the same as International Students making a considerable difference to the cost of studying…
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Scholarships for students from West Sussex

Do you come from West Sussex?  If so, then you could be eligible to apply for this scholarship being offered by Angus Energy plc, which could pay your tuition fees up to the value of £10,000. Angus Energy believes that…
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