Top Budgeting Apps for Students

Managing money at university can be a difficult task, but using using budgeting apps for students can really help you out. If you are an undergraduate student, this is likely to be the first time you have had to handle…
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Earn some money from home

Answering surveys can be a great way to earn some money from home and something you can do in your own time, so particularly for students it's an easy way to earn a bit of money to keep you afloat,…
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Jobs for Students

76% of students have a part time job and it’s no wonder, since the student maintenance loan barely covers your accommodation costs these days, let alone all the other things you are expected to buy for your course, food, travel,…
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Are summer jobs worth it?

Summer is fast approaching and for many of us, it’s a time where we can finally take a relaxing break from university. We can bask in the sun, hang out with friends and watch Netflix without the constant anxiety that…
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