Scholarships for EU students in the UK

A combination of Brexit and the pandemic mean that applications from EU students to UK universities have dropped by 43% compared to 2019-20*. And yet, according to research conducted by the British Council, 70% of EU students still want to study in the UK.

Before Brexit, EU students paid the same tuition fees as UK students, but students newly arrived from the EU starting university this year will be paying the same as International Students making a considerable difference to the cost of studying in the UK for EU students.

Funding support is still available

If you are an EU student thinking about coming to the UK to study, this year could be a good time to come. Despite Brexit and in fact because of Brexit, many universities are this year offering “ EU transition scholarships”. These scholarships have been designed to ease the transition for EU students from UK fee status to International fee status and in some cases they are offering the equivalent discount so that the fees are the same as they would have been before Brexit. These scholarships are valid for the duration of your degree and not just the first year.

Unfortunately EU students will not longer be eligible for UK student loans, so you will still need to find an alternative way to fund your studies.

Here are some examples of what is being offered, but make sure to check out each university you are interested in studying at, to see if they are offering something similar. You can filter these scholarships on our database by selecting EU students as the Fee Status.

EU Transition Scholarship – Lancaster University

£7,000 a year is offered for Undergraduate and Postgraduate study to EU students whose Fee Status is International for courses starting in 2021

EU Transition Bursary – Coventry University

A fee reduction from International Fees to UK Fees for students domiciled in an EU member state.

EU Transition Award – University of the Arts London

A fee reduction of up to £10,000 per year for all eligible EU students who have been affected by the immediate impact of Brexit.

EU Bursary – Reading University

In order to support EU students through the transition period from Home fee status to International fee status, a bursary of up to £6000 is being offered to all eligible students resident in the EU commencing their studies in the 2021/22 academic year.

The EU Scholarship – Dundee University

A bursary of up to £6000 is being offered to all eligible students resident in the EU commencing their studies in the 2021/22 academic year.

EU Scholarship Scheme – University of South Wales

All EU students will qualify for this award and the scholarship awarded will ensure that the tuition fees paid do not exceed the amount being paid by Home students for the duration of study

*UCAS 2021 application data


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