7 ways to help your student succeed at university

With the cost of living climbing and life getting more expensive, we’re all starting to feel the pinch - especially students.  With the average student reporting a shortfall of £395 each month BEFORE this crisis began, it’s expected that parents…
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Scholarships for students from West Sussex

Do you come from West Sussex?  If so, then you could be eligible to apply for this scholarship being offered by Angus Energy plc, which could pay your tuition fees up to the value of £10,000. Angus Energy believes that…
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Top 10 Scholarships for school leavers

Around 50% of students say they have not even applied for a scholarship or bursary citing either the belief they will not be eligible, or that they are so competitive they won't stand a chance, but this is not true.…
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Interested in a career in television?

Maybe you aspire to work in the television industry, or perhaps you are technologically minded and have not yet decided which industry will offer you the best career opportunities? In either case, the Royal Television Society bursaries could provide you…
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Top ten Scholarships open to all UK students

“Open to all left handed women, who grew up in Lambeth but undertook most of their education in The Cotswolds, have achieved AAB in their A-levels and love cats” Does this sound familiar? Sometimes, looking for a scholarship you are…
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Science Degree Apprenticeships

What Science Degree apprenticeships are available? Science Degree Apprenticeships are very different from studying a science at university. Studying a pure science at university, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Maths is usually an academic route, which could lead to…
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Ethnic minority scholarships

We often get asked why is it that it is considered acceptable to offer scholarships only open to students from specific ethnic minority groups? If you were posting a job offer, it would be illegal to specify that it is…
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