University starter packs 101

Stuck on what to take to your first year of University? Look no further. We have put together a perfected university checklist of what you need for your student starter pack. Now, we know what you’re thinking...this article is just…
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How does Funds4uni work?

More than 8,000 students are now using Funds4Uni from easyfundraising to collect free cashback donations towards the cost of uni, including Pyschology student Davna who has raised over £900 so far. How does Funds4Uni from easyfundraising work? When you and…
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Company scholarships

There has been a steady rise recently in the number of company scholarships being offered to UK students, either here in the UK, or from America. Companies create scholarships for lots of reasons such as to encourage diversity in their workforce,…
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Top ten Scholarships open to all UK students

“Open to all left handed women, who grew up in Lambeth but undertook most of their education in The Cotswolds, have achieved AAB in their A-levels and love cats” Does this sound familiar? Sometimes, looking for a scholarship you are…
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Higher level apprenticeships

What are Higher level apprenticeships? Higher level apprenticeships are apprenticeships that take you beyond the equivalent of A-levels. In terms of the qualifications you will receive they are equivalent to Further and Higher Education and will give you the equivalent…
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Science Degree Apprenticeships

What Science Degree apprenticeships are available? Science Degree Apprenticeships are very different from studying a science at university. Studying a pure science at university, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Maths is usually an academic route, which could lead to…
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