University starter packs 101

Stuck on what to take to your first year of University? Look no further. We have put together a perfected university checklist of what you need for your student starter pack.

Now, we know what you’re thinking…this article is just going to talk about fairy lights and artificial ivy garlands…these are cute, correct! But we’re here to talk about the essentials, what you REALLY need to ensure you have a smooth start to your University experience in your new home.

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Our “Back to Basics” Check List of student essentials

For Napping
•Duvet covers
•Mattress protector
•Pillows & pillow cases
•Blackout blind
•Storage boxes

For washing
•Bath towels
•Hand towels
•Toilet brush

For Cooking (it may sound a lot…but trust us, you’re going to need it!)
•Saucepans and frying pan
•Kitchen knives
•Chopping board
•Potato peeler
•Spatula/masher/slotted spoon
•Measuring jug
•Weighing scales
•Wooden spoon
•Baking tray

*take a few deep breaths*
•Oven proof dishes
•Can opener
•Bottle opener
•Plates and bowls
•Mugs and glasses
•Storage containers
•Cling film
•Aluminium foil
•Tea towels/oven gloves
•Clothes horse
•Dish cloths

For studying (the important part)
•Hole punch
•Glue and Sellotape
•Blue tack

Top Tip – We also suggest not rushing out to buy your University list of books. Read our guide on cheap books for university.

Computer Equipment
•Memory stick
•Laptop cover/bag
•Microsoft Office

First Aid Kit
•Pain killers
•Cold & flu remedies
•Anti histamine
•Antiseptic cream
•Antiseptic wipes

Important Documents
• Passport (ID)
• Driver’s License
• Correspondence from the University
• Student Loan documents
• National Insurance Number
• Bank Account details
• Insurance documents

Don’t forget about the boring tasks that you’re used to Mum and Dad organising…like insurance. Check whether your accommodation includes student possessions insurance. If it doesn’t, you will need to buy your own.

The next step is actually going out and sourcing all of these items. Sounds like it would take hours…maybe even days!? That’s because it usually does.


See our TOP 3 Pre-packed Student Essential Starter Kits Below 

  • Unpacked – Luxury Student Essential kitchen, bedroom and All-In-One Packs.
    Get all of your Kitchen and Bedroom essentials in one single pack, with scheduled guaranteed delivery to your front door or new University accommodation. Their packs not only look great but are high-quality too, with a wide range of different bedding options and pans that are compatible with all hob types including induction.
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  • Curry’s/PC World – Computing and Accessories
    These student starter packs from PC World, contain all your computing needs for the new term in one place including Antivirus software, cloud storage, Microsoft Office, laptops and more.
  • Student Shipping service Not a starter pack… but also very useful!
    If you can’t fit everything in the car, send it ahead with this home to uni service. A 5% discount will automatically be applied by following this link

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