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The number of scholarships, grants and bursaries being offered to students by companies, professional associations, charities & trusts is on the increase and yet the vast majority of students are not aware of where and how to find these.

With just 30% of students saying they apply for this type of funding, these organisations are often struggling to get enough applicants. Given the cost of going to university is now a major concern for students, sixth form teachers and careers advisers are being asked to make this a part of their overall discussions on funding university.

This collection of downloadable educational resources on the subject is free to use in school and to hand out to students and parents.

A4 Poster – a poster for use around the school or at Higher Education eveningsA5 Leaflet – if you would like us to send you enough to hand out at Higher Education talks, please email us on [email protected] requesting how many you would like and we will send them to you.
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Video –a quick overview of what is available. Feel free to use as part of your HE talks.Higher Education talks presentation – four PowerPoint slides which should fit in easily to your overall presentation on applying to University
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Guide to Scholarships for teachers –a guide to help you as the teacher or careers adviser understand what is available with some tips on finding relevant opportunities and making applications.Blog post/article – if you have a school blog or a section on the website dedicated to applying to university you can use this content.
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Degree apprenticeships blog post/article – degree apprenticeships are also a great way to get a degree debt free.Degree apprenticeships infographic – degree apprenticeships explained in a simple graphical format.
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