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Worried about the cost of University?

78% of students say that they worry about money while at university. Whether you are in the process of applying to university or currently studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level, make sure you understand what types of additional funding might be available to you from scholarships, grants and bursaries. This is free money that you never have to give back. Don’t miss out!

Whether you are applying to university or already there, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, whether you are a UK/Home student or an International student, there are funds you could be eligible to apply for, but if you don’t make it your business to find out about them, nobody is going to track you down.

Fact! Many organisations offering scholarships, grants or bursaries, often struggle to attract enough applicants.

extra funding for universityProspective students

Make searching for extra funding part of your overall application process. When doing your research and visiting university open days, make sure you visit the student finance stand and ask about additional funding opportunities. They will be able to tell you about the scholarships they offer so you can make a list of the different opportunities you could be eligible to apply for if you attend that university

BUT…..there are also lots of other scholarships that are not offered by the universities themselves, which they will not tell you about. Companies, charities, trusts, professional associations and all sorts of other organisations often have scholarships which are open to students at any university and sometimes for any subject.

Current Students

Your tuition fee loan pays your fees, but more often than not, students are finding that the maintenance loan does not cover all the additional costs involved in university life. Where do you turn?

76% of students now rely on a part time job to top up their funds, but only 30% say they have applied for scholarships or grants, believing they won’t be eligible. Don’t be one of these people. Scholarships are not just for freshers. There are new scholarships being created all the time and often they will also give you mentoring or work placement opportunities to help you establish yourself in a particular career.

You can learn more about the different types of scholarships available and how to find them by reading our Guide to UK Scholarships.

You should also check out our Funds4Uni fundraising scheme – a great way to earn some extra money towards your university costs.

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