Scholarships for Academic Excellence

There seems to be a general misconception that scholarships are only for people who are able to demonstrate financial need, but this is not the case.

There are also many scholarships which are rewarded solely on the basis academic merit, and this does not always mean straight A*s. Some universities use these academic scholarships to attract the brighter students, and depending on the university concerned this will not always mean the top grades only.

There are also many scholarships offered to postgraduate applicants who are expecting to do well in their undergraduate degree, offering scholarships for those who achieve a 2:1 or a First.

If you have a strong academic record and expect to do well in your exams, you may want to take a look at some of these  scholarships based purely on academic achievement or potential.

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Aston Excellence Scholarship: £500 to those who achieve AAB or above in their A-levels

The Lord Mayor of London Scholarship for Academic Excellence at City University: Awards are given of up to £3,000 a year for ABB at A-level for the lower awards and A*AA at A-level for the higher awards.

Bangor Excellence Scholarships: a one off payment in the first year of up to £3,000 for students starting at Bangor with the highest academic achievement in relevant subjects.

Excellence Scholarship at Lancaster University: up to £3,000 offered to students with the highest academic profiles. This forms part of the unconditional offer programme.

Bright Spark Scholarship at UEA: £1,000 a year for AAB at A level, or equivalent plus excellent results in one of the research projects.

High Achiever Scholarship at the University of Buckingham: £2,000 per year on a 2 year degree for students who achieve AAB in their A-levels.

Masters Taught Excellence Scholarship at Bolton University: £1,500 open to any student who has achieved a First in their undergraduate degree

Excellence Scholarship at Loughborough: 20% fee discount offered to any student who has a 2:1 or above in their undergraduate degree


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