The Money for Books Scholarship

Applications for the 2018/19 Scholarship have now closed.

The Scholarship Hub is a social enterprise and as such we are committed to reinvesting a percentage of our profits back in to developing new scholarships. As a result, we are delighted to offer our third Money for Books Scholarship, open to all UK students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Simply fill in the application form and you could win a £250 book voucher to pay for your university textbooks. 

Who is eligible to apply?
In order to apply for this scholarship you must be:

  • A full or part time UK undergraduate or postgraduate student with “Home” fee paying status. (Students from the EU and from Overseas are not eligible to apply).
  • Enrolled as a student at a UK university for the 2018/19 academic year (evidence of your enrolment will be required with your application).

Previous winners

2016 - Sasha Warren, Durham University- "'Earth Sciences is a visual and practical subject so the books I need are specialised and would have proved expensive. Having affordable access to these materials has made a real difference to my learning."

2017 - Warren O'Keefe, Birkbeck University - "As a mature student from a working class background, juggling the costs and demands of study with work and everyday life is extremely challenging, and the scholarship I was awarded has proven a great help. "

2018 - Melissa Moore, The Open University - "After entering this competition, I was surprised to hear back…….. let alone to hear that I had won. I was very pleased as this book voucher will aid me with acquiring various text books, which will not only develop my subject understanding and help to enrich my writing skills, but enhance my learning experience as a whole.”

How do I apply?
The online application form can be found via the link below.

Terms and Conditions

  1. No other alternatives to the scholarship will be offered.

  2. The award is a one-off award and the winner will not be eligible to apply for the scholarship again in subsequent years.

  3. Applicants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein with reference to this scholarship.

  4. All applications must be completed and received in full by 30th November 2018. No consideration will be given to applications which do not meet all the conditions set out, which are incomplete or invalid, or which are received after the deadline.

  5. All applications will be assessed using the eligibility criteria and the selection committee’s  predetermined short listing guidelines.

  6. Only one application will be accepted per applicant. If an applicant is found to have submitted more than one application, they will be disqualified.

  7. The Scholarship finalists will be judged on a discretionary basis based on the merit of each application, by the selection committee. The decision of the selection committee regarding each application shall be final and there is no appeal against this decision.

  8. The Scholarship Hub reserves the right to use the successful student’s name, university and photo for promotional activity.

  9. The successful student will be notified by email by 15th December 2018. If you have not heard regarding the outcome of your application by that date, please assume your application was unsuccessful. Unfortunately we are not able to respond directly to all unsuccessful applicants. 

  10. The Scholarship Hub reserves the right to use the content of application forms anonymously to show examples of good and bad applications. In no way will students be identifiable from this.

  11. When you apply for this scholarship, your personal and contact information will only be used in relation to this application and will thereafter be deleted.

  12. Every effort is made to ensure that all details included in these Terms and Conditions are correct at the time of writing. They are intended to act as an information source for scholarship applicants and in no way should they be considered to be legally binding or guarantee an award. The Scholarship Hub will not be deemed to be in breach of any Terms and Conditions due to changes to eligibility criteria beyond their reasonable control.