Where you can study abroad for free (or greatly reduced cost)

A recent report has suggested that once the new tuition fees increases come in to force, the total cost of getting a degree including all the interest payment, could be up to £54,000. Whilst scholarships can help to a point, that is a lot of money and for some people and the thought of taking on a huge debt to get a degree, can put them off the idea of going to university altogether. If this sounds like you then have you thought about going abroad to study?

There are many places in Europe where the cost of going to university is significantly less than it is here and in many cases it is even free. There are also plenty of universities across the world that offer courses in English. Living abroad while studying will also enrich your experience as you meet students from all over the world, immerse yourself in a new culture and hopefully learn a new language.

Here is a list of countries in Europe where you can find courses offered in English, although not all subjects will be available so. Please note, it is not yet known how Brexit will affect the status of UK students wishing to study in Europe, but for many of these countries the fees (or lack of them) are the same for international students too.

Typically in Austria the Arts Universities are free and the Science universities charge €363 euros per term regardless of your nationality. You need to apply directly to the university of your choice.
Fees in Belgian universities for European students range from €500 per year to €1500. You apply directly to the university of your choice.
Tuition in Danish Universities is free. There is a centralised application portal and the closing date for applications is March 15th.
Tuition in Finland is free and they offer many science related undergraduate programmes taught in English. Applications in some cases are made through a central admissions portal and other universities accept applications direct, but most will require copies of your A-level results before you can apply.
Annual tuition fees in France are very low at just €174 a year, but they do not offer courses in English so you will need to have an excellent level of French to be able to study at university level.
Tuition fees in Germany are free but you will be required to pay a small administrative fee each term of around €300. The universities are run by the individual states and so application processes vary.
State universities in Iceland are free and you apply directly to the universities concerned. You may be required to pay a small annual administration fee.
Tuition is free in Ireland but for EU students there is a one off administration fee of €2,500
Fees vary dependent on nationality and household income but can start from as little as €600
University is free for Maltese and EU students.
Tuition fees for most courses are €2006 and many courses are taught in English.
It is free to study in Norwegian state universities for EU students.
State university fees range from €1000 – €1300 a year.
State University is free in Sweden for EU students.
Fees in Swiss universities range from €750 to €1500 a year.

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