Teacher training bursaries & PGCE funding

The government is keen to encourage as many top quality graduates in to training as teachers and they have therefore created some very strong financial incentives for people who wish to train as teachers.

There are a number of scholarships and bursaries available in particular if you wish to teach specific subjects where they are finding in particular hard to recruit teachers – Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Modern Languages. Depending on your subject choice, whether you teach Primary or Secondary and the training route you choose, you could get up to £30,000 in scholarships while you train or £25,000 a year as a salaried teacher in training.

Training to teach in Primary School
1. Applying to a university to undertake your PGCE – If you have a 2:1, Masters or PhD you will receive a bursary of £3000 while you train
2. School Direct route – you will be a salaried teacher in training and receive a salary of £25,000
3. If you train to be a specialist Maths teacher in Primary School and have higher than a 2:2 in your degree, the bursary you receive will be £6,000

Training to teach in Secondary School
Training to teach specific subjects which are priority subjects for recruiting teachers, offer bursaries and scholarships of £3,000 up to £30,000 depending on which subjects you wish to teach. Those which offer bursaries are:
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Computing
• Languages
• Geography
• Biology
• English
• History
• Music
• RE
• DT

Educational Grants

Don’t forget there are also thousands of smaller charities and trusts in the UK which offer educational grants to support not just teachers but students with their educational costs. One example is the Hockerill Foundation which provides grants to teachers in training who are facing financial difficulty.

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