Universities offering degree apprenticeships

The list of universities that currently offer degree apprenticeships is continually expanding, but the way that they are being set up is in partnership with specific employers. This means that the employers work with the universities to create a bespoke degree programme which leads to a degree but is tailored to meet the specific academic and vocational needs of that particular employer. In some cases the universities are working with consortia of smaller companies to set up a programme that will work across the group. Read more about Universities offering degree apprenticeships

How to get a university degree for free

full tuition fee scholarships

1. Full tuition fee scholarships: although they’re not commonplace, there really are scholarships which pay your full tuition fees at both undergraduate and graduate level. Here is an example
http://www.thescholarshiphub.org.uk/lewisham-tuition-fee-waivers/426 Read more about How to get a university degree for free

Company scholarships

company scholarships

There has been a steady rise recently in the number of company scholarships being offered to UK students, either here in the UK, or from America, which are being used for marketing purposes – either to get their brand recognised among students who are their target customer or potential future customers or to attract future employees. Read more about Company scholarships