Student Grants

student grants

There are still some student grants available to UK students even though the maintenance grant is no longer offered for anyone who started university in 2016 or beyond. Student grants are offered by the government for students with specific circumstances or needs, as well as potential grants from charities and trusts. Remember that these grants are free money that you do not need to pay back so make sure you know what’s out there and whether you are eligible to apply.

1. Disabled Student Allowance
If you suffer from a long term illness, mental health problem or physical disability you may be able to get an additional student grant to help pay for some of the extra costs you have as a result of your condition. The amount you might get depends on your own personal needs and can cover medical equipment and personal care. You will need to have your needs assessed if you apply for this grant.

2. Childcare Grant
Available for full time higher education students with dependent children can apply for a grant of up to £174.22 a week for 1 child or up to £298.69 a week for two or more children. This  grant helps with childcare costs for children under 15, or under 17 if they have special educational needs.

3. Parents’ Learning Allowance
Full-time students with children could get up to £1,766 a year to help with their learning costs. This is called Parents’ Learning Allowance. The money can help pay for books, study materials and travel. How much you get depends on your household income.extra funding for university

4. Adult Dependents Grant
Full-time students in higher education with an adult who depends on them financially can apply for an Adult Dependants’ Grant of up to £3.094.

5. NHS Bursary & Grant
If you’re studying medicine, dentistry or nursing you may be eligible for an annual bursary payment from the NHS to help with your tuition fees and living costs.

6. Social Work Bursary
The social work bursary is a grant that doesn’t depend on your household income and doesn’t have to be paid back. The amount you get depends on where you study, whether you study full or part time and the cost of your tuition.

7. Teacher Training Funding
You could get £30,000 tax-free while you train, either as a bursary or prestigious scholarship – or you could earn a salary of up to £25,000 while you train. Your eligibility for financial support, and the amount you can expect to receive, will depend on the subject you choose to teach and your degree classification or highest relevant academic qualification. If your degree isn’t in the subject you wish to teach, you may be eligible for a funded course to increase your subject knowledge before starting your training.

8. Other grants from charities and trusts
There are literally thousands of charities and trusts in the UK which offer student grants for many different reasons. All charities have been set up with a specific purpose in mind, to help people from particular groups. If you meet their criteria, you might be eligible for a student grant. It is worth taking the time to do some research and see what is available. You can either look in the Guide to Educational Grants, a large book which you will find in the library or take a look at our Premium membership, which gives you access to the information online.


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