Sponsored Degrees in the UK

Sponsored Degrees are school leaver programmes offered by companies which allow you to graduate debt free.

Recently the government has introduced “Degree Apprenticeships” which are effectively the same as sponsored degrees. They are basically both a way of getting a degree and being paid while you study, as well as gaining valuable work experience with a reputable company. It means you study and work alongside each other and graduate without a student loan to pay off. Details of the schemes vary, but typically you might find yourself working four days a week and studying one day a week on campus at the associated University. You will also receive a range of benefits and support as well as a job when you graduate.

Some of these programmes are still being called Sponsored Degrees, but some are changing and now being called either Higher or Degree Apprenticeships.

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Example sponsored degree programmes.

Airbus offer Sponsored Degrees in Engineering, Finance and Manufacturing Business Support. All are 3 year undergraduate degrees including work experience and are based at one of their four partner universities.

Barclays now offer a Higher Apprenticeship. This is effectively the same as a sponsored degree in that you will graduate with a degree from Anglia Ruskin University and it will be paid for by Barclays. You will also be working in conjunction with your studies, receiving on the job training at the same time.

A 4 ½ year IT Degree Apprenticeship Programme. Graduate with Aston University studying a BSc (Honours) in Digital & Technology Solutions degree, working at the same time, knowing will gain the skills and experience to have a rewarding career in the IT sector.

CGI offer two sponsored degrees, one that is Technical, designed for those who want to pursue an IT/Computing career and another with a Business Focus for those that are interested in Business Management and Project Management careers. Degrees are awarded by the University of Winchester.

The Global FTSE 100 company Experian offers a BA(Hons) in Management and Leadership sponsored degree programme in conjunction with Nottingham Business School .

Innovative Manufacturing and Engineering sponsored degree
Students on this degree are sponsored by members of a consortium including Bosch, Eaton-Cooper Industries, GSK, Johnson Matthey, Moog, Nestlé. Each student will have the opportunity to be sponsored and have salaried training within the consortium, for the duration of their studies, and will have a dedicated route to employment with the industrial consortium upon graduation.

extra funding for universityKPMG
A 6-year programme that gives you the opportunity to join the KPMG Audit team, gain an accounting degree from either the University of Birmingham or Durham University and become a fully qualified Chartered Accountant. All your tuition and university accommodation fees are paid and you will receive a starting salary of around £20,000 (in London).

A four year programme leading to a degree in Business Studies from either Bolton or Hertfordshire University.

Study for a BSc (Hons) in Management and Business at the University of Bradford whilst also gaining hands on practical experience across the Morrisons group leading to a job when you finish.

The Nestle Academy Fast Start School Leavers Programme allows you to study for a BA in Professional Business Practice whilst gaining practical experience in a global business. You’ll study for a BA (Hons.) degree in Professional Business Practice at Sheffield Hallam University and combine this with Placements in a number of business functions.
Nestle are also offering a Degree Apprenticeship in Food Manufacturing at the University of Lincoln.

If you know you want to ultimately have a career as an accountant, then the PwC-endorsed degree offers the best of both worlds Flying Start Degree Programme offers a traditional university experience as a full-time student, alongside paid work placements within the Assurance practice and real exposure to their clients.

If you know of any other sponsored degree programmes currently available do let us know and we will add them to the list.

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