Scholarships for Medical students

There is no doubt that studying medicine is expensive, with the standard course being five years, so any additional funding you can find is going to be of help. This is particularly true if you are studying medicine as a second degree, as you will not be entitled to Student Finance loans, whether you have accessed them before or not.

scholarships for medical students

So, as a medical student, it is worth taking the time to make yourself familiar with all the different funding options available to you. This is money that is in addition to the Student Loan and does not have to be paid back.

Medical related scholarships, grants or bursaries.

The first place to look for medicine specific funds is from the Institution you will be studying at. Some universities do offer scholarships for medical students, so it is worth checking if yours does. Make sure you know exactly what they offer and when you can apply as these funds are going to be in big demand.

There are also some scholarships that are open to students from any university. These are offered by companies, charities or professional associations. This list is not comprehensive, but gives you some examples of what is available. You can find the full list by registering on the website and searching our database.

Medicspot Grant

Open to UK students studying a degree related to public health, medicine, nursing or life sciences at a UK university. You will  need to submit a 500 word answer to the two questions along with your application. Worth £500

Akindole Medical Scholarship

UK medical students from a minority ethnic background, who demonstrate academic ability and a track record of giving back to their community. Worth £1,500

Army Medical Services Bursary

Available for Officer candidates who are studying for a recognised degree leading to a professional qualification as a doctor, dentist, nurse or veterinary surgeon. Candidates must meet all basic British Army eligibility requirements, the specified academic requirements and must pass the Army Officer Selection Board. Up to £75,000

Welsh Medical Scholarship

Students who are considering applying for a Medicine course at an university in Wales and who want to study at least 33% of their course, i.e. 40 credits a year, through the medium of Welsh. Worth £500 a year for 3 years.

Tocris Scholarship Program

Open to students enrolled in a science related degree at university the USA, Canada or Europe. Applicants are required to write a statement on why you chose this field of study and how you hope to make an impact. Worth $1,500

Other grants

In addition to scholarships for medical students, there are also thousands of charities and trusts in the UK give out grants for a wide range of reasons, including for educational purposes. And don’t forget to check out what NHS bursaries are on offer.

A lot of these charities have been set up to address particular issues and so their grants will have very specific eligibility criteria, but they are not all for hardship. Some for example, might be to fund a travel abroad project, or to support people from particular councils or boroughs to go on to further their studies. It can be time consuming searching for the funds you could e eligible to apply for, but with a bit of perseverance you could get a nice cash boost.

Other scholarships

When you are looking for funding, it is also important to remember that there are an increasing number of scholarships also being offered by companies which are open to students studying any subject. Some of these just require you to submit an essay or a video to enter and despite what you might think, do not get inundated with applicants, so it is definitely worth applying for some of these. After all, everyone loves a Doctor and your vocation might just swing the judges in your favour!

Good luck.

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