Scholarships that are not just for academic merit or financial need

When looking for scholarships and bursaries, remember that they are not awarded purely for academic merit or financial need. There are scholarships awarded for lots of other reasons and when searching for something you might be eligible for, try and think outside the usual search parameters.

Here are some examples of scholarships that are offered for a whole range of different reasons.

Who you are related to

Menzies Bursaries
Up to £1,500 a year. Open to relatives of the Founder James Menzies. Those of the name Menzies. Those born on the Menzies Estates (in the Parishes of Dull, Weem and Fortingall).

What you do in your spare time

Worcester scholarship for Extra curricular activities
Students have the opportunity to apply for funds to assist them with activities such as voluntary activities which are community based, either in the UK or abroad; activities related to a past-time or interest in which the student is involved (e.g. music or some other arts-based area; elite sport)

Exeter Debating Scholarship
Two scholarships of £2,000 each available. The scholarships aim to support two students doing an undergraduate degree programme who can demonstrate a commitment to being involved in debating with the University’s Debating Society

Writing an essay

ACLS Scholarship
$1,000 for medical, dental and healthcare students. Applicants need to submit a 750 to 1,000 word essay discussing emergency medical care from the perspective of a medical student explaining how you will prepare mentally and physically before performing life saving techniques on patients in your career. This scholarship is open to UK students.

Where you come from

The Robert Nicol Scholarship
Must be either born or have lived at least five years in Aberdeen and going to study post school in Aberdeen. Written statement and interview assessment.

The Southwark Scholarship Scheme
Students who have been resident in Southwark for a minimum of three years and have a household income of less than £22,500. You must have a good academic record and have made a positive contribution to the community of Southwark.

Your religion

Anglo Jewish Association
The Anglo-Jewish Association provides financial assistance to Jewish students in financial need to enter further education or studying for full-time degrees at universities in the United Kingdom.

What you eat

Vegetarian Charity Grant
Applicants must be vegetarian and in financial need

What your parents do

Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust
Applicants must be undertaking their first degree and be a close family member of a Commercial Traveller, Chemist or Grocer.

For your work in the community.

Outstanding applicant – Edge Hill University
Awarded for something you are proud of that you have done and can demonstrate determination, commitment and achievement outside your studies at school or college.

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