Moving Stuff to and from Uni

It’s that time of year again, when you see cars travelling up and down the country from one end to the other full to the brim with possessions as parents take their children off or back to Uni.

Parents stop at motorway service stations and give each other knowing nods as they spot the car next to them is also full of boxes, bags, and clothes. Sometimes the car is so full that only one parent can fit in and often two or three journeys are needed to get everything your student wants from home to their new flat/house.

So what are the alternatives?

1. Hire a van
You might thing this sounds like a silly idea, but you don’t actually have to drive it yourself. Anyvan is a job bidding website for van drivers. You simply enter your requirements and van drivers bid on your job. You will often find that there are particular drivers who do your journey on a regular basis or might be able to fit your job in with another one on the way, which brings the price down. They pick your stuff up from home, you jump in the car or on the train and meet them there and everything arrives in one go.

2. Send it
There are a few different services which are tailored specifically to students to send stuff to and from uni. Send my bag will ship your stuff from anywhere in the world, but if you are in Halls, you will need to make sure you are there to receive it as the porters usually won’t do it for you. A 5% discount will automatically be applied by following this link.

Depending on how far the distance is between home and uni, both of these options can often work out cheaper than the petrol cost and overnight accommodation if required. It also means you arrive relatively stress free from the journey.

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