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Jasmine – studying Engineering at the University of Warwick.

I first found out about scholarships when I first entered university and they were published by my university via email and UCAS also sent me emails detailing certain opportunities related to engineering. After applying to a few, this then led me to further research all the opportunities available and this opened my eyes up to the number of bursaries available to students. These are a great way to offset the cost of your tuition fees and living costs, and many applications can be fully completed online.  

I have applied for a lot of scholarships that I can’t remember all of them however I would say that I am probably awarded about 40% of the applications I submit. In particular, it is important to do your research beforehand to find scholarships specific to you and your interests. As a result, you will see a higher success rate in your applications. There are a number of funds available for all different people however whether you are a low-income student, passionate about sports or a first-generation student there are many opportunities out there in a range of fields. Company scholarships are moreover useful as you will often be offered internships and jobs upon graduation.

In total I have been awarded 8 scholarships, which has massively improved my university experience and trajectory of my future career.  When I initially joined university, I did not have enough money so these scholarships have meant that I am able to enjoy university life without the stress of worrying about money. I am further able to focus on my degree to obtain the best possible results and get involved with activities I am passionate about on campus.

What would you say to other students who are thinking of applying for a scholarship?

I would say go for it! There is no harm in trying out for a scholarship and you will learn a lot from the feedback through the process. It expands your network, opens you up to so many opportunities and allows you to enjoy university life to the fullest.

Do you have any tips on what you thinks makes a successful application?

Personally, if I was to give tips to other applicants it would be to tell a story with your application. Express to the panel how this scholarship will impact you and your future career and how this scholarship will open up different opportunities to you in the future. In addition, make sure your application is tailored to the company or sector it is associated with and how this sector interests you. By looking on the organisation’s social media, you will be able to see the current projects they are passionate about and why these inspire you. Another key point to your applications are demonstrating that you are a proactive student who will get involved in their cause. This can be demonstrated by what you envision to achieve in the future but also the past activities you have been involved with.

Nicola – a postgraduate student at the University of Strathclyde

I first found out about scholarships, grants and bursaries on my university website. I was thinking of doing a PhD and I was checking to see if I would be eligible for any of them. Sadly, I was not so I investigated a self funded route and found lots of scholarships I would be eligible for on The Scholarship Hub.

I have applied to 8 different funds: 4 successful, 3 unsuccessful and one I am waiting to hear about. In total I have earned £7,100 in scholarships – almost my two years’ fees, which has meant the difference between not being able to study and getting the chance at completing the PhD. It has been vital and I am grateful to each organisation that has backed me – it gives me a boost of confidence in my ability and my project.

What would you say to other students who are thinking of applying for a scholarship?

I would say they should give it a try. There is money to be given to students and there is no reason why that student cannot be you.

Do you have any tips on what you thinks makes a successful application?

Application tips: be creative with how you/your project can fit the eligibility requirements. Tailor each application specifically to the organisation – find out their mission and purpose and try to match them. Be honest about your situation and how the money will help you.

Michael – Accounting and Finance at University of Warwick

Being a Lloyds scholar has been invaluable to me, it has helped me in several ways from gaining a summer internship to improving my prioritisation skills and ultimately making sure I enjoy every second at university. The programme has been extremely valuable and I couldn’t recommend it any more.

Aside from obviously benefitting financially, the internship has helped me have more career direction whilst building invaluable networks of very experienced professionals. Most significantly, my mentor has developed me and gave me much more clarity about the working world; from how to prioritise to promotions and much more, he has improved my business acumen hugely.

What would you say to other students who are thinking of applying for a scholarship?

I would absolutely urge them to do it!

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