Companies offering scholarships for Masters degrees

Whilst studying for a Masters degree can further enhance your career prospects, it also increases the amount of debt you incur if you take out another loan to cover the costs. For many people a Masters is a vocational route in to a particular career and is not always undertaken immediately after your undergraduate degree. You may already have other financial commitments and so any additional income you can find to support your studies, will be extremely welcome.

University scholarships offered at Masters Degree level by companies

Many of the universities have close links either with local companies or national companies which want to work closely with universities which are at the forefront of developing new technologies or systems within their industry.

This often means that these companies will offer scholarships to students studying a particular relevant course at that university. Not only will they be getting their name in front of potential future employees, but they could also use it as a talent funnel to recruit graduates when they finish their Masters.

The application process for these scholarships is usually handled by the university and details can be found under the particular university listings on our database.

Masters level scholarships open to students at any university

Many companies also offer scholarships which are not tied to a specific university. The eligibility criteria for these is usually much wider and will sometimes not even be linked to a particular subject. The criteria are often dependent on what type of organisation is offering the scholarship. If it is an industry professional association it will be offered to students studying a relevant subject. If it is a company just wanting to get their name in front of students.

The application process for these scholarships is usually not handled by the university. To find details of these scholarships you can select “Open to any university” as the Institution on our database and filter by Postgraduate level. It is best to leave the subject area as Any and that will then give you a complete list rather than only returning those related to your subject.

Other ways of funding your Masters

Scholarships are just one option when it comes to funding your Masters and they are unlikely to fully cover your costs, so it is important to make sure you are aware of all the other funding opportunities that could be open to you.

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