Unusual scholarships and bursaries in the UK

unusual scholarships, grants and bursaries

There are some pretty weird scholarships available in the USA for things like being tall, or for Star Trek fans.
So far, that level of weirdness hasn’t really translated to the UK but there are still some pretty unusual scholarships available, which don’t match the typical idea of why you might expect to receive a scholarship.

Here are some examples of the unusual scholarships available in the UK

A carrot for your studies
Are you a vegetarian and in financial need, this could be the grant for you.

What’s in a name?
Potentially some money if your surname is Graham!

Teachers Pet
If your parents were or still are teachers in the London area.

Ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg?
If so, this could help with your studies.

One for the ladies
Women over the age of 21 who are struggling to finance their studies

Gamers Alert
For eSports fanatics who could represent their university in the game!

Itchy feet?
Give them a scratch with this study abroad scholarship

Hooked on Triathlons
If you are passionate about triathlons and getting other people involved in the sport, here’s a win, win, win opportunity!

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