£100,000 worth of scholarships still available for this academic year

Scholarships worth £100,000 are still available for undergraduates this academic year, which is good news for the 76% of students who, according to new research*, are in danger of running out of money in the first few weeks of term.

The Scholarship Hub has identified ten scholarships that are still open for applications.

“We urge students to look into scholarships, which can range from a few hundred pounds to thousands a year, and the money does not need to be paid back,” said Karen Kennard founder of The Scholarship Hub,, the first comprehensive scholarship database of funding for universities in the UK.

“Application numbers are often surprisingly low, so the chances of getting one is reasonably  high and you don’t always have to be an academic genius or from a low income family to be eligible.”

1.Go Euro Scholarship

Open to students across Europe at any university as long as it has been approved, this scholarship offers 2000 Euros plus a paid internship opportunity to the student who submits the most creative vision for a better connected Europe. Closing date 15thDecember 2014. One scholarship available.

2.Google Anita Borg Scholarship – 7,000 Euros for female students who are studying Computer Science who can demonstrate academic background, passion for increasing the involvement of women in computer science, and leadership skills. Closing date 2nd February 2015. Number available not specified.

3.Yamaha Music Scholarship – Open to any full time music students under the age of 25 worth up to 2000 Euros. Closing date 30th November 2014. Three scholarships available.

4.Formations Scholarship

Open to students studying for a business related degree who can demonstrate both academic excellence and financial hardship. Closing date 1st January 2015. Number available not specified.

5.Spaceways Scholarship

The SpaceWays Scholarship is designed to recognise the ability of students to create an innovative customer acquisition campaign for a young internet start-up. Closing date 20th November 2014. Two scholarships available.

6.liGo scholarship– A scholarship of £1000 will be provided to help one talented student pursue a career in business and marketing related fields. In addition to this, the scholarship winner will also be offered a guaranteed job interview if a final year student or a paid internship interview for younger students. Closing date 31st March 2015. One scholarship available.

7.Leverhulme Charities Trust – Applicants must be undertaking their first degree and be a close family member of a Commercial Traveller, Chemist or Grocer. Closing date 1st March 2015. Number available not specified.

8.Carnegie Trust – For Scottish students attending Scottish universities who are not be eligible for support towards the costs of their tuition fees. Closing date 1st December 2014. Number available not specified. 

9.Main Scholarship: Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol – Up to £1,000 a year available for students who wish to study at least 66% of their degree in Welsh. Supporting undergraduate students in electrical and power engineering at leading UK universities. Closing date 15th January 2015. Fifty scholarships available. 




*Research released by



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