10 opportunities to give your student income a boost over Christmas – Scholarships open to all students at any university

Are you worried about how much money you’ve got to spend on Christmas presents? Christmas can be an expensive time however, spending a little bit of time over the holidays applying for scholarships could bring in some additional cash to help you through the rest of the year.

Here are ten scholarships or grants which are open to students at any UK university. You may find that you don’t need to worry quite so much about the money you have spent on presents after all.

Go Euro Scholarship
Open to students who want to travel and study abroad in Europe in 2018. Students can also be in with a chance of winning an additional prize if you enter the Instagram competition at the same time.

Money for Books Scholarship
Open to all UK students, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate studying at a UK university during the 2015/16 academic year.

The Vegetarian Charity
Applicants must be vegetarian and in financial need. 4

Engineering Leaders Scholarship
Open to UK students currently undertaking an undergraduate degree in engineering at a UK institution who have the potential to become leaders in engineering and who are able to act as role models for future engineers

Yorkshire Ladies Council for Education
Women over the age of 21 who must have a place at a British University and be unable to finance it themselves.

Business Scholarship
Open to students attending a recognised academic institution in pursuit of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

First Formations Scholarship
Applicants must be current students in a recognised UK institution; currently studying for a business related degree

BeArt Presets Scholarship
Open to Yr13s who have accepted a place at university, current undergraduates and postgraduates. Applicants have to answer the question “How The BeArt Presets Academic Scholarship will impact your life?”. Students worldwide are eligible to apply but you must be registered with an accredited university in your country.

St Matthias Trust Scholarship
Worth up to £10,000 a year this scholarship is open to students who are or intend to become social workers, community workers, youth workers, teachers or supervisors of pre-school groups; intending to become ministers of the Church of England or of a church in communion therewith.

Matinee Voiceover Scholarship
Applicants must submit a blog about the importance of being able to communicate in multiple languages for today’s multi-national companies, and the benefits it can bring to those businesses that make the effort to localise their website content. Also open to Postgraduates. Worth £700

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