Brand Benefits

Why marketing to students is good for your brand

The stereotypical image of students is traditionally a group of young people who never have any money to spend and what little they do have goes on partying, but actually that image is no longer true of the majority of students. Students today are much more financially aware, take control of their financial affairs and more than half have part time jobs.

Establishing lifetime values

Marketing to students at a time when they are establishing their own buying patterns for the first time away from their parents, can have long term benefits to your brand. Their choices could shape future spending throughout their life. Positive brand experiences at this stage in their lives could lead to long term loyalty.

Early Adopters

If you are developing new technologies or products then students are the ideal target audience for your marketing. They are the first to buy the latest devices and software and are the first to sport the latest trends. Students are trying to establish their own identities, separate from their parents and will try new products and services to define themselves and their generation.

Permanently connected

Today’s students have grown up with modern technology and they organise their social lives via mobile phones and the internet. They share photos, videos, status updates, tags and links sharing their lives with each other online. Tapping in to this connectivity can benefit your brand through viral marketing.

The influencers of the future

Students are tomorrow’s high earners and influencers. Win them over today and you will benefit from their loyalty in the future, when they have more disposable income and positions of responsibility.

Open to discounts and offers

Because students are willing to try new products and have to manage their finances carefully, they are more open than perhaps the average consumer to discounts and offers which incentivise them to try driving more positive brand experiences and loyalty.

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