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IT degree apprenticeships

Fancy studying for an IT degree whilst getting practical on the job training and your degree paid for? The Capgemini Digital Technology degree apprenticeship could be the perfect solution for you.

Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology, outsourcing services and local professional services, are among the first companies to have an established Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Technology Solutions but what exactly does that involve and is it right for you?

What’s involved?
A Degree Apprenticeship in Digital technology solutions is perfect if you have a passion for IT and would like to study for a degree in the field while also gaining valuable on the job work experience. Working for Capgemini as a Degree Apprenticeship you will be trained to work as a consultant for clients, helping them overcome challenges through the use of technology.

You will be part of the team right from day one as you start to build the technical, business and personal skills necessary to enable you to operate as a technology consultant.
There are different types of roles you could be trained for as part of the Digital Technology Degree Apprenticeship including Software Developer, Technical/Functional Applications Consultant and Test Analysts and you will gain wide exposure to many different types of technologies and projects.

So what would I be doing on a day to day basis?
After your initial 9 week induction period with all the Degree Apprentices, you will start working straight away as part of the team and could find yourself based at the Head Office of clients anywhere in the country. You will be involved in meetings as well as the technical development on client projects. Your food and living expenses will be paid for by Capgemini when you are away from home.

The programme involves a mixture of blended learning through on the job training, learning from mentors, practical experience on client projects and study periods in the workplace as well as on campus and distance learning, equipping you with all the skills that might be required of you. 
Each client project will have different challenges and requirements and you will learn how to apply your technical skills to develop solutions to client problems. Working as part of a team you will always have all the support and help that you will need.

Think this sounds interesting?
If you think this sounds interesting, you can find out all about the Digital Technology Degree Apprenticeship offered by Capgemini by exploring the Capgemini section in our Guide to Degree apprenticeships.

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