Unusual scholarships and bursaries in the UK

unusual scholarships, grants and bursaries

There are some pretty weird scholarships available in the USA for things like being tall, or for Star Trek fans.
So far, that level of weirdness hasn’t really translated to the UK but there are still some pretty unusual scholarships available, which don’t match the typical idea of why you might expect to receive a scholarship.

Here are some examples of the unusual scholarships available in the UK Read more about Unusual scholarships and bursaries in the UK

Student Grants

student grants

There are still some student grants available to UK students even though the maintenance grant is no longer offered for anyone who started university in 2016 or beyond. Grants are offered by the government for students with specific circumstances or needs, as well as potential grants from charities and trusts. Remember that these grants are free money that you do not need to pay back so make sure you know what’s out there and whether you are eligible to apply. Read more about Student Grants