You shall go to university for free

If you don’t meet the grades you have been asked for by your university choices this August, don’t fret, there is still a way that you could be starting your degree this year and graduate debt free - without a fairy godmother in sight.

Why should I apply for a degree or higher apprenticeship?
Degree and Higher apprenticeships enable you to go on to Higher Education whilst working. At the same time, your employer pays both your tuition fees and your wages! Not only could you end up still getting a degree, but you will also graduate debt free.

So how does it work?
Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are advertised by the employer. When you have found one you like, you simply apply and go through the usual recruitment process that you might do for a job. If you are successful, you start an exciting programme of on the job training and part time study.

Devised jointly by both the employer and the university, these apprenticeships ensure that at the end of the programme, you have the skills and knowledge to do the job and get your degree. This means that the likelihood of your apprenticeship leading to full time employment is high.

If for any reason it doesn’t, you will be equipped with the qualifications and skills to seek alternative employment. However, unlike your student friends, you will also have 3+ years of on the job training and experience, giving you a distinct advantage.

Where can they lead?
Higher apprenticeships (Levels 4 & 5) lead to a Foundation Degree and Degree Apprenticeships (Level s 6 & 7) can lead to a full Bachelors or in some cases a Masters Degree.

What types of higher and degree apprenticeships are available?

Traditionally, apprenticeships have been focused on manual work or trades, but with the advent of Degree Apprenticeships, they now include many professions such as Law, IT, Business, Architecture and Management.

We are really proud to be working with so many great companies, delivering quality apprenticeship programmes. With so many students worried about the debt they are incurring by going to university, we are excited to be offering a real, viable alternative.” Says Kavneet Sandhu, Senior Marketing Manager at QA Apprenticeships
If you are still unsure about the value of paying for university, I urge you to think about this alternative route

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