We are crowdfunding – help us to help more students

crowdfunding for university

Since the launch of The Scholarship Hub back in 2013, one of our aims has been to encourage the development of new scholarships. These scholarships would be used  to help students who don’t have the financial or emotional support of their parents, or those who are faced with huge social or physical challenges to overcome.

With this in mind, we have just launched a new crowdfunding campaign, with the aim of raising enough money to create our own scholarship funds for particular groups of students.

Read more about the campaign here

We would love it if you would consider supporting our fundraising campaign. However small your donation, 100% of it will go towards supporting a disadvantaged student.

If you are not able to support us at this time, please help us by sharing the campaign and hopefully other people in your network will be able to help.

Thank you for helping in any way you can.

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