Student cost of living

student cost of living

When you are applying to university, one of the things you will be thinking about is how much university is going to cost. It is difficult to work out exactly what you are going to spend each week while you are at university, as everyone will buy different things and have different requirements, but one of the things that might affect your costs is where you choose to study. To help you visualise this, we have undertaken a comparison of some basic student living costs in different university towns around the country, so you can see how it might make a difference to your weekly expenses.

In order to do this, we took a cross section of items a student might buy in an average week including food, accommodation, travelling expenses and some items for entertainment and compared these costs in a selection of university towns in the UK.

You will see from the graphs below that these weekly student costs in York are around £200 a week less than in London - which is quite a difference, especially when you consider the academic year is usually 35 weeks. So even our simple comparison of a few basic costs could make a possible difference of up to £7,000 a year and £21,000 over the course of 3 years.

The other interesting thing you may wish to bear in mind is that on average, student living costs are cheaper in the North of the country than they are in the South with costs around 30% higher in the South.


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