Scholarships you should be applying for in January

Whether you’re a continuing student or you are applying to university this year, there are some scholarships that you need to actively apply for already for next year if you wish to be considered, whether you have your place confirmed yet or not.

So take a few minutes to have a look at some of these scholarships that either open or close in January and see if any of them apply to you.

1.E3 Academy Scholarship

If you have applied to study Electrical Energy Engineering at Nottingham, Bristol or Newcastle, then you could be eligible for £2,500 a year bursary, up to £2,000 of your fees paid each year plus paid summer internships. Applications for 2015 entrants open on January 31st.

2.Aberystwyth Entrance Scholarships

Aberystwyth University hold annual scholarship entrance examinations in February. If you have applied to Aberystwyth you also need to submit an Entrance Scholarship Application form by January 29th in order to be able to sit the exam in February. You can sit it at your school so speak to the school examination officer if you haven’t done so already. You could get up to £1,200 a year.

3.Bangor merit and entrance Scholarships

Bangor also has entrance scholarships worth up to £3,000 for which you need to take an examination. Closing date for applications is January 15th with the exams being sat on January 28th. Speak to your school examinations officer to arrange to sit it at your school.

4.Helena Kennedy Foundation Bursaries

Bursaries of up to £1,500 are available to students who are studying at a FE college or sixth form college and applying to enter university from September 2015 and are experiencing financial hardship or barriers to continuing their education. Applications open in January and the closing date is March.

5.(ISC)² Foundation Women’s Scholarship

For continuing students, this global scholarship offers up to $40,000 for female students entering their second year of a degree with a focus on information assurance (IA) or cyber security.

6.The Women’s Careers Foundation (Girls of The Realm Guild)

If you are female student over 21 and need some financial assistance in undertaking some career related study, this organisation offers grants of up to £1,000. Application deadline January 31st.

7.The Graham and Joanna Barker Scholarship for Music

If you have applied to Durham University and have a particular talent in Music, whether you are studying Music or not, you could be eligible for this scholarship of £3,000 per year. You need to apply by January 15th though.

8.Talented Athlete Entry Scheme

Talented Athletes applying to the University of Ulster could get a 40 UCAS point reduction in their required entry tariff in recognition of the dedication, time and effort that are required to participate in sport at the highest level and the impact that this may have on examination performance.  Closing date for applications January 15th.

9.South West Growers Scholarship 

Open to any student studying any aspect of commercial or production horticulture. Closing date January 15th

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