Applying for Degree Apprenticeships and University.

applying for degree apprenticeships

You’ve submitted your UCAS application, now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the offers to come flooding in. But have you thought about applying for Degree Apprenticeships too? Applying for degree apprenticeships and university are not mutually exclusive.

When should I apply?
Degree Apprenticeships do not all start at the same time of year. You will find some start in January, some in September and indeed through the year. However, with UCAS applications out the way and exams not quite upon us, now is the time that many employers are starting the recruitment process for a September start.

Why should I apply if I’ve applied for University?
By applying for Degree apprenticeships too, you could be keeping your options open. You might just like what you see and decide that you would prefer to go down the apprenticeship route and with many of the UKs top employers now running degree apprenticeships, you could be securing your career prospect before you even start your degree.

Is the application process really competitive?
Degree apprenticeships are on the increase, as more employers, colleges and universities, students and parents realise their advantages. There are now nearly 6,000 apprentices at levels 6 and 7, many of these are degree apprentices compared to just 2,580 degree apprentices registered in higher education in 2016 - 17, so you can see that in the short space of a year the number available has almost trebled.

Some people would say that the application process for a degree apprenticeship is much more competitive than applying to university. There are fewer places available overall and the selection process can be tougher – you are after all applying for a paid job and so will be expected to attend an interview, online at the very least and then in person. Many recruiters will hold assessment days, where all shortlisted applicants are invited to meet them. However, do remember these roles are on the increase and employers are keen to snap up students who are looking to get a degree at the same time as working and earning money.

Will I still get the same degree?
There are now apprenticeships being offered in a wide variety of sectors, including construction, engineering, manufacturing, food technology, business and administration, creative and digital, cyber security, nursing and policing.

You will still end up with a fully accredited Bachelors or in some cases Masters degree from a UK university, but it might not be exactly the degree course you applied for. Most employers have a specific agreement with particular universities to provide training that suits the employers’ needs.

Want to know more?
You can find out more about the different opportunities and how to apply in our Guide to Degree Apprenticeships.

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